From Ms. Stud's New Book...

"If My Product's So Great, How Come I Can't Sell It?"
Based on the 3 Scripts Class

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"Scripts...Scripts...I HATE scripts!..."
"This is Kim Klaver's life-saver..."
"Nothing I know of will make more of a profound and profitable difference, faster..."

If you had 100 customers who bought the same
amount you do each month, how much would you earn?
What if it were 300?

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�Hi Kim, I purchased your e-book last week, "If my Product's So Great,How come I can't sell it?" Read it three times,sounded good,so I did it. Wrote my scripts, hmmmmm,who should I try it on? So I chickened out on calling anyone and emailed it to two cold leads,Ta Da ! Signed them both up,WOW,that was easy!! Let me try it again,next after my vacation,lol!! Thank you and I am sending all in my address book to your website!
- Lynettte F. Stayin Home and Lovin it! rep

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I am already recommending this book at my site...after only the first three chapters! - Francis Carmody

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3 questions for you

1. Would you use your product if you weren't selling it? Think anyone else might?

2. AOL users: If AOL told you you that had to sell the service in order to use it, would you have signed up with AOL?

3. Cable TV users: If your cable service told you that you had to sell the service in order to use it, would you have signed up with your cable service?

Shall we start treating customers like customers?

free excerpts

From the preface to networkers...

This is a book about customer acquisition. Long term, loyal, monthly customers; not one-time retail sales. The kind of customer who looks forward to seeing whatever new stuff your company comes out with. Like me. I love to hear about anything new Apple is coming out with, and buy lots of it. I’m a big fan. And to this day, I still take the nutritional product I loved and marketed ten years ago.

But, how many of you have been told it’s a waste of time to go after customers? That the money is in the recruiting of business builders? Hmm. How many of you have succeeded in finding those entrepreneurs? And in keeping them?…

Network marketing is perhaps the only business where one has to justify going after customers. In every other business, customers are sacred. Companies do everything they can to woo and keep them. Nordstrom, for example, has built their entire business by offering outrageously good customer service.

What’s the story here? Why are customers at the low end of everyone’s totem pole in the network marketing business? …

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Want to see what's in it? Here's what's in it, plus a few excerpts:
Table of Contents
Forget their Hot Button
The Launch
Deadly Distractions
Three Tips To Keep Them Listening
Warm Market

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